YJH Professional Used Excavator Suppliers Based China

YJH Machinery is a professional Used Excavator Suppliers from China, dedicated to providing high-quality and low-priced used excavators to customers around the world. The Used Excavator brands we provide are all world-renowned brands, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Doosan, Hitachi, Volvo, Sany, Sumitomo, Hyundai, Kubota, Xugong, Tzco, Case, etc. These brands of excavators enjoy a high reputation in the field of construction machinery, and are famous for their excellent performance, reliable quality and long durability. Buying these used excavators is cheap and has a long service life, which is the best choice for entrepreneurs who buy excavators.

Used Excavator Doosan DX 215LC-9C 2019
Used Excavator Doosan DX 215LC-9C 2019-DS003

YJH’s Used Excavator Sales And After-sales Service

As an experienced Used Excavator Supplier, YJH Machinery has rich industry knowledge and professional skills, and can provide customers with the excavation equipment that best suits their needs. All of our Used Excavator Excavators have undergone rigorous inspection and testing, and the test results are perfectly presented to customers, allowing customers to make the best judgment before paying.

YJH Machinery not only provides second-hand excavators of various brands and models, but also provides customers with a full range of after-sales services and technical support. We have a professional technical team that can provide customers with equipment maintenance, maintenance, spare parts supply and other services to ensure that customers have no worries during use.

If you are looking for high-quality Used Excavators, YJH Machinery is your ideal partner. Whether it is construction engineering, mining, road construction or other large-scale earthmoving projects, we can provide you with excellent performance, economical and practical excavation equipment.

Used  excavator Kobelco SK 200-8 2012
Used excavator Kobelco SK 200-8 2012-kb004

Why Can YJH Provide High Quality 2nd Hand Excavators?

YJH Machinery is an authorized excavator dealer in China with more than 20 years of rich sales experience. As a leader in the industry, we are committed to providing domestic customers with the best quality excavation equipment and a full range of after-sales services. Our service network covers all parts of the country, ensuring that every customer can enjoy timely and efficient support.

Used Excavator Caterpillar 336DL 2018
Used Excavator Caterpillar 336DL 2018-C002

At YJH Machinery, every excavator we sell has detailed data records. These data are strictly reviewed and verified to ensure their accuracy and reliability. Whether it is the equipment’s usage history, maintenance records, or performance parameters, we record them one by one to provide customers with transparent and reliable purchasing information.

Our company has a sufficient number of Second-hand Excavators in stock, covering many world-renowned brands, including Komatsu, Doosan, Hitachi, Volvo, Sany, Sumitomo, Hyundai, Kubota, XCMG, Tzco, Case, etc. These excavators are not only of excellent performance, but also carefully selected and maintained by our professional team to ensure that they are delivered to customers in the best condition.

Why Buy Used Excavators From China?

Starting from 2022, China’s large-scale infrastructure construction projects are gradually coming to an end, and the steep decline in the real estate market has led to a sharp drop in engineering demand. This change has directly affected the supply and demand relationship in China’s excavator market, and the oversupply of excavators has become increasingly obvious. As a result, a large number of high-quality second-hand excavators have been put on the market at very competitive prices, creating an investment environment full of opportunities.

Used Excavator Caterpillar 336DL 2018
Used Excavator Caterpillar 336DL 2018-C002

For international buyers and dealer investors who use excavators themselves, buying second-hand excavators from China has multiple advantages. First, these second-hand excavators are usually well maintained and maintain good working performance, which can meet various engineering needs. Secondly, due to oversupply, the prices of Used Excavators on the market are relatively low, saving buyers a lot of procurement costs. In addition, as the world’s manufacturing center, China’s excavators are at the international leading level in technology and quality, ensuring the reliability and durability of the equipment.

In the global market, China’s Used Excavators are not only cheap and good quality, but also widely applicable and cost-effective, making them the best choice for various engineering projects. Therefore, seizing this investment opportunity and purchasing high-quality second-hand excavators from China can not only obtain high-quality equipment at a lower cost, but also significantly improve the operational efficiency and profitability of the project. For companies and individuals who hope to succeed in mechanical equipment investment, this is a golden opportunity that should not be missed.

Used Excavator  SANY SY 200H 2022
Used Excavator SANY SY 200H 2022-SY004

Therefore, while seeking high benefits and low costs, choosing to buy second-hand excavators from China has become a consensus in the industry. This not only saves money, but also enables the acquisition of equipment with excellent performance, reliability and durability, providing reliable support for the smooth progress of the project. For professionals who hope to succeed in the infrastructure field, seizing this opportunity is undoubtedly a wise move.

Why Buy Used Excavators From YJH Machinery?

After the pandemic ends at the end of 2022, many savvy infrastructure entrepreneurs have turned their attention to China’s second-hand excavator market rather than traditional new excavators. Behind this trend is the unique advantage of China’s second-hand excavator market: these excavators have a short service life and are well maintained, with a very long service life. What’s more attractive is that their prices are much lower than those of new excavators, which are only one-third of the price of new excavators.

YJH Machinery has a rich inventory of second-hand excavators, which is not only sufficient in quantity, but also covers a variety of well-known brands and models to meet the needs of different customers. The equipment we provide not only has excellent performance, but also has excellent cost performance, helping customers to reduce procurement costs while improving work efficiency.

Used Excavator Sumitomo SH 200-A5 2015
Used Excavator Sumitomo SH 200-A5 2015-su003

For entrepreneurs who have infrastructure projects under their control, choosing to buy this low-investment but high-quality second-hand excavator is undoubtedly a wise decision. The quality assurance and price advantage of these equipment make them the first choice for professionals in the industry. In addition, as the center of the global manufacturing industry, China’s excavators are at the international leading level in technology and quality, providing a reliable guarantee for the smooth progress of infrastructure projects.

Have You Pay Extra Money For Wrong Information On Second-Hand Excavator ?

As a buyer of used excavators, you may encounter situations where the second-hand excavator you receive does not match your expectations. 80% of excavator sellers do not describe certain details of the excavator at all, or describe them too optimistically. In this case, you pay extra for information you do not know, which is very unfair, but it is also a very common situation because there is information asymmetry.

How To Avoid Paying For Misinformation?

So can this situation be avoided? Of course, if you are an expert in second-hand excavators, you can go to the seller’s site to check before buying the excavator; if you are not an expert, you can hire an expert to go to the seller’s site to test the machine. You may ask, such a long distance, it takes many days to go back and forth, and it costs a lot to take a plane and stay in a hotel. Is there a better way that is free? YJH can provide you with a better choice.

Do You Have Complete Information On 2nd Hand Excavators?

Of course, there is complete information about second-hand excavators. YJH Machinery has established very detailed files for each second-hand excavator, and these files are made by brand experts after recent inspections. At YJH Machinery, each excavator brand has an expert who inspects the second-hand excavators that are put into storage. All inspection items and inspection results of the excavators are registered in the “Second-hand Excavator Valuation Table” column. The expert will give the remaining service value of the second-hand excavator based on the inspection results. This is good news for buyers of second-hand excavators.

How To Get Second-hand Excavator Information For Free?

On the product page of the YJH Machinery website, we have established a very detailed data file for each second-hand excavator. In addition, each excavator is equipped with a “Second-hand Excavator Valuation Form” signed by an expert. This valuation form lists the latest inspection date of the excavator, the detailed inspection information, and the future service life of the excavator. If you get this form, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the detailed information of the excavator and will not waste money on unknown shortcomings. Under the second-hand excavator you want to know, click the message button, you will jump to a message interface, leave your email, leave the number of the second-hand excavator you are interested in, and our sales staff will send you this complete second-hand excavator valuation form that has been authenticated by experts. You can refer to the project cycle at hand and choose to buy a matching second-hand excavator.

How Do YJH Machinery’s Experts Inspect Used Excavators?

The inspection procedure for Used Excavators includes both visual inspection and actual test after the machine is turned on. The inspection is carried out by an experienced technician. He will not only conduct a visual inspection, but also fully test the functionality of the machine. He will check the clearance of the joints and the performance of the hydraulic pump and engine. For each component and assembly, the inspector will write a comment in the report. For the actual test of the machine, a 3-minute video will be left, so that you can decide at home whether the machine is worth buying. The inspection is carried out according to the following process.

Overall Inspection Of The Appearance Of The 2nd Hand Excavator

Chassis and crawler frame: no gap up and down, no gap left and right, no abnormal noise when rotating, no disassembly and no wear
engine hood
ladder and handrail
excavator arm
excavator arm
hydraulic pipeline
engine cover
side door
boom cylinder
light inspection

2nd Hand Excavator Engine Inspection

Engine serial number
Seals and leaks
Oil condition and oil level
Exhaust muffler
Exhaust gas
Cooling system
Blow by

2nd Hand Excavator Cab Inspection

Cockpit doors and covers
Windows and mirrors
Wipers and washers
Seat armrests
Switches and levers
Cockpit structure
Instrument panel
Air conditioning and heater

Second-hand Excavator Hydraulic System Inspection

Hose, pipe, swivel joint
Hydraulic pump, valve blockage
Boom cylinder
Arm cylinder
Bucket cylinder

Second-hand Excavator Operate Function Test

Boom pin
Arm pin
Bucket pin
Swing drive/brake
Boom self-drift
Pump noise
Swivel ring
Electrical system
Drive chain

Second-hand Excavator Tools Inspection

Bucket and condition
Breaker and condition
Universal conversion head

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